Florida or Dubai – which is best for a family holiday?

The shiniest black shuttle glided into the station, gold livery gleaming. It looked as if it should come with a caped bellhop and a rack for hat boxes. “It’s a bling train!” said Ella, barely containing her delight.

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Family fun in a Swedish Arcadia

Are there bears there?” asked Ella, pointing to the blur of farmland framed through the train’s window. “Or there? Maybe there are bears there?” Having travelled for less than 90 minutes from Stockholm, Ella, nine, didn’t seem convinced of this wild possibility. But there were bears, and moose and wolves, too: our neighbours for the weekend.

The Telegraph


This is about grief. This is not an homage – not, at least, in the way of clever references to back catalogues and B-sides, or to gender and fashion influences or greatest hits lists.

This about the glaring space left when something you cherish, something that has sung its way into your bones leaves you forever. This is about the awkwardness of mourning someone you’ve never met. That this somehow makes you an intellectual weakling; a self-indulgent fool…

These words are because I don’t know how else to fill the silence, because today there can only be silence. Continue reading