Florida or Dubai – which is best for a family holiday?

The shiniest black shuttle glided into the station, gold livery gleaming. It looked as if it should come with a caped bellhop and a rack for hat boxes. “It’s a bling train!” said Ella, barely containing her delight.

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City life: Montreal

Although geriatric by North American standards, Leonard Cohen’s home city is driven by a youthful, creative spirit that’s coming to the fore as Montreal kicks off its 375th anniversary celebrations

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Stay The Night: Trout Point Lodge

Independent on Sunday 30 October 2011

With its Acadian history and rather Scottish setting, this luxury lodge could only be found in Nova Scotia, says Sarah Barrell

Trout Point Lodge sits pretty on the edge of a wilderness preserve that goes by a characteristically unpronounceable First Nations name: “Kejimkujik” – or “keji” as it’s locally known.

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Toronto: the strait-laced city loosens up

With its striking architecture, thriving arts culture and dynamic dining scene, ‘Toronto the Good’ fully deserves its new ‘good time’ label, says Sarah Barrell.

Everywhere you look in downtown Toronto skyscrapers are rising. This new landscape of chrome and glass, unrecognisable from a couple of years ago, disorientates me as I try to find the ferry terminal. When I eventually make it across to leafy Toronto Island, I’m rewarded with a view back to the mainland of the perfect North American pop-up city, seemingly growing before my eyes.

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