Ditch the clutch bag, the latest accessory is your own hotel

The creative director of Diesel is the latest fashion designer to open a resort. What’s the attraction, asks Sarah Barrell

These days, the must-have accessory for a fashion designer is not an oversized handbag or even an undersized supermodel muse, but a hotel. Not content with their creations dominating the high street, they want to shape our holidays, too.

And they’re all at it, either working independently or lending their names to big players in the hospitality industry. Versace owns a hotel, designed by Donatella, below, on Australia’s Gold Coast, and the bright colour-loving Italian fashion house of Missoni is set to open places this spring in Edinburgh and Kuwait. Moschino is due to throw open the doors of Maison Moschino in Milan this year, while Giorgio Armani already has branded hotels in several locations worldwide.

Read more: http://www.independent.co.uk/travel/americas/ditch-the-clutch-bag-the-latest-accessory-is-your-own-hotel-1674141.html


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